How To Upgrade The Crafting Bench In Lego Fortnite


One of the first workstations you will build in Lego Fortnite is the Crafting Bench. The Crafting Bench is where you will make tools and weapons, both of which are important for gathering resources and battling enemies in the world. As you gather more resources and build bigger villages, you will need to make better tools to harvest more valuable resources, which requires upgrading your Crafting Bench. Here are the materials you will need to upgrade your Crafting Bench.

How to upgrade the Crafting Bench

The Crafting Bench can be upgraded by interacting with the bench itself.

To upgrade the Crafting Bench you need to approach it and open the crafting menu. From the crafting menu, you need to tab over to the upgrade screen. Each upgrade will unlock higher rarity tools for you to craft, as long as you also have the necessary resources to make them. Below are the necessary resources needed for each of the three Crafting Bench upgrades, along with links to GameSpot's guides for most of the resources.

Crafting Bench first upgrade

  • 8 Wooden Planks
  • 3 Roller Shells

Crafting Bench second upgrade

  • 12 Knotroot Rods
  • 15 Marble Slabs
  • 6 Sand Claws
  • 3 Sand Roller Shells

Crafting Bench third upgrade

  • 15 Copper Bars
  • 25 Obsidian Slabs
  • 1 Brute Scale

Acquiring all of these materials will be a bit of an undertaking. Not only will you need to go spelunking in caves in the starting forest area, you will also need to dive into caves in the dry valley, which is the desert area. This also means traveling some pretty far distances and while Lego Fortnite doesn't feature fast travel, there are ways to travel faster than just running.

Lego Fortnite is one of three new modes that were added to Fortnite, alongside Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing. Epic Games has said that all three of these games are here to stay and will continue to receive updates in the future.

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